-Hello we are in direct with world champion. free-swim Ian Thorpe ! Hi

-Hello everyone

-Ian tou were born on the 13 of October in 1882 in Sydney. When you were 14 years old yours present already Australia in Internationnals Competitions

- Yes in 1996,  it's true and some months laters, I won the free-swin at the  World Champion Ship in 1999.

- After your succes you have win golden medals at Olympic World Champion Ship, Commonwealth games  ....

- Unfortunnatly in November 2006, a disease cuts shorts your carrier

- Indeed, during trainning for the Commonwealthes Games  I catched the mononucleosis, a disease transmitle by saliva. I had to stop competition definitely

- You tried qualification for Olympic Games in London, but you failed. It's the time of your carrier to stop and you decided to end your carrier.

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